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in a new category of capital assets but not really capital

It is early.
Networks called "protocols" rising above the internet built from blockchain software are rapidly maturing, scaling, and improving.
The protocol networks create and operate like a new type of computer, "world computers", centered on ledgers that operate like

"autonomous economic engines". And, confusingly sometimes they may just be new types of software tools. It depends.

Protocol Economic Engines

They operate 24x7x365 days of the year.
These World Computers have transcended into a new like form of capital asset.
It is simple really. The movement of money or things of value in an economic system defines capital.

Uniquely, no one actually owns protocols.
There is no shared ownership
There is no share of income
There are no "rights" to possession, use or transferability
It is more like a communal barn raising of the Amish, on community property.
Only this community property rises as a network layer above the internet.
Community voting does not represent an ownership interest.

Protocols are a shared worldwide community capital like asset.

Electrons with Value™


Crypto derived from the underlying protocol, is a "new type of instrument". It is NOT currency, though everyone says it is.

Think of it as a dollar bill you conjure to magically mutate and change shape, color, size, or texture,
to become a stock or a commodity, a different currency, or something else entirely
like data, a measurment, a picture, art, video, or a book.

Each crypto has its own
properties, attributes and characteristics programmed into it
which can change. Crypto is programmable. The holder of crypto gets a
bundle of rights
to a share of the PROTOCOLS properties and attributes and uses.

Usually, there is no share of ownership, income or capital stock of its protocol.

If crypto market values increase it is because more parties want to make use of the protocol, and the crypto supply is limited. It is not because crypto is sharing increased income.
You are not strictly speaking profiting from the work of others, who are generating income.
Cryptos "intrinsic value" originates from the designs and development of its Protocol.
The value arises from the observable nature and characteristics of the protocol and the programmed attributes of the crypto.
Crypto has transcended currency, stocks and commodities.
It is beyond Satoshis electronic coin.

Worldwide creativity "excitingly" has been unleashed

Resulting in rapid design build cycles creating the seeds of dramatic improvements to the
civilized worlds economic engines.


We seek to reimagine the world
and to help others integrate into, develop, and use
crypto and protocols.

In the rapid technological development of the industry, bundles of rights that underly both protocols and cryptos have not been articulated well.
In many instances, not at all.
Correspondingly, the technology building blocks can also be daunting.

We can help.

We are not building a service where we charge usage fees.
At our core, it's about personal relationships. We help our friends networks.
We take back a portion and hold the tokens.
It's a mutually beneficial relationship between friends. We profit as value grows.


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